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About Us

We, Comfort Zone, are well-renowned as one of the leading and well-established manufacturers of Handmade Quilts and variant Soft Home Furnishing Articles and Garments. We are proudly known as one of the pioneers, who introduced traditionally stitched quilts to the International Market. 

As an item of utility, Quilts come in different sizes to suit every room in a household, ranging from the King Size for your double beds, to the cushion covers for your drawing rooms, shower curtains for your bath rooms, and napkins for your kitchen. Quilts, as seen in the pictures, indicate their use and purpose. Their use can be customer centric too. For example, a Throw may be used by one customer for display on the wall, as an art piece, while another Customer may use it as a Camp mattress taking it for excursions or camps.

Apart from the regular Stockings, Tree Skirts that are X-mass specific items used as Gift Items as well as Kitchen Robes. Moreover, we have the Crib range for kids. A full set with Bed Covers, Pillows, even Toss Pillows and Bumper Pads for the crib.

Product Portfolio

Quilts are relatively a existing concept in India, and their utility and values lie in our adapted usage of these exquisite items. Our catalog makes you explore the various designs and sizes of these items that we make. Apart from those designs in the catalog, we also develop new designs based on themes, you want your home to be furnished with, as well as provide products in designs specified by you. The quilts are made available in Patch Work or any given specified designs.


Our creative professionals have enabled us to provide quality proven product at best competitive prices. Quilts are traditional products in Global Culture. However, its use has spread worldwide, and they have now become symbols of expressing affection and care. In commercial terms (as in Hotels and Resorts) they symbolize the hospitality bestowed on customers. Domestically, they reveal the value and affection in a family. This is why, we have quilts made in Themes or Styles, which reveal the different values, seasons, etc that are reminiscent of love and affection the world over. We export mainly Quilts to the US Market. Apart from that we also make other made up's items like Placemats, Table Mats, Mittens, Pot Holders, Toss Pillows, Stockings, etc. 

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